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ds_mainIs your family expecting a baby? There is a good chance that your dog already knows that there is something different about your household. Dogs notice everything that goes on around them, so the slightest changes in sight or smell will alert them.

Your long time companion needs some adjusting to the new baby, the new equipment, the new sounds. With preparation from the Dogs and Storks Program, you have set up your dog with skills for handling the stresses that come along with bringing a new baby home. Once your baby comes home and begins to enter the stages of grabbing, crawling, throwing food, etc….your dog will continue to be puzzled by this behavior and our Dog and Baby Connection Program helps the family and the dog live in a safe environment for everyone.

As a California Family Paws Education Consultant, Barbara is a Licensed Dogs and Stork Presenter, and a Licensed Dog and Baby (DABC) Presenter. She offers private in-home consultations and training sessions tailored for your specific needs.

“We so appreciate you helping us get Rocky ready for the twins. Your work well with him helped us to get him ready for the girls to be born. He is protective of them and will lay looking out like a lion while they sleep. He will lay next to them and snuggle. They can play with him and give him his treats and never snaps at them. He is so friendly and just loves those little girls. The tip you gave us about bringing a blanket home from the hospital was great! He still sleeps with those blankies in his crate. It is so great that the girls can grow up with Rocky!” 
Newbury Park, CA

“Barbara was, and is, very mindful of Milo and Denali’s reactions and behaviors around our newborn baby son, Lucas. She guided us with the do’s and don’t’s of bringing our son home with two dogs that “ruled” the house. We thank Barbara for all the information she provided us with on what to expect and how to cope with two dogs that did not know what to deal with having a new baby brother! “ 
–Dan and Amy
Oak Park, CA

ds_susanThank you so much Barbara for helping our family! I felt so overwhelmed with a new baby that I didn’t feel as though I had the time to train my dogs anymore and they were suffering because of it. You not only showed me ways to include training into my busy day but you empowered me to want to be more active in training again. I never thought I’d see the day when my two dogs could walk calmly by other dogs while walking with the stroller but that day has finally come! I’m so pleased that both dogs’ anxiety has decreased and they are learning how to coexist with the baby. 

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