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Barbara Johnson is not only an amazing trainer and behaviorist but she also is an amazing being. I have worked with many trainers and not one of them took the time that she did with me. She goes above and beyond for her clients and most importantly the animals. She truly does what is best for the animals and she realizes that every dog is different. She realizes that what one dog may need is not what another dog may need. She tailors her behavior programs based on each individual dog. I’m truly blessed to have worked with Barbara and have her in my life. She has helped me in a way that no else has. If you chose Barbara to be your trainer/behaviorist you won’t be disappointed! 

Brittany Alfino, Vet Tech

I highly recommend Barbara Johnson, and have used her services when I rescued two dogs and when we were preparing my dogs and my house for my second child. As a veterinarian I have been trained to use science, research and study to constantly improve and utilize the best techniques and resources available. As a veterinarian with a strong interest in behavior, who also does behavioral consultations, teaches, and does presentations to the community I try to stay up to date on behavior. When evaluating trainers I look for what techniques do they use, how do they approach a dog, and what are they doing to learn and better themselves and their clients? I have met some trainers who impress me on some of these areas but Barbara has impressed me in all of them. I met her when one of my technicians got a new rescue puppy and was taking her training class. When I asked what went on in class I heard music toamy ears (she actually utilizes music that is proven to be calming and relaxing to dogs). I found many techniques and approaches that meet the highest standards in animal behavior. When I contacted her she sent me her behavioral evaluation form. I was impressed and actually took a couple notes of things to add to my own evaluations. We met and I instantly had a trainer that I felt confident in recommending to my clients. Since that time I have worked with her on numerous cases to great success. Also very important to me as a professional who has devoted my life to helping animals and their owners, is knowing your limits. While Barbara can do many things and is very capable, she also is aware of when a dog needs additional help. She has picked up on underlying problems that need to be evaluated by a veterinarian or by a board certified veterinary behaviorist, then made sure the clients got that help. Lastly, I look for warning signs from trainers. Trainers who offer promises or guarantees to fix your dog in so many visits, or absolutely solve the problem are a major red flag. Animals are living beings and constantly change in sometimes unique and unpredictable ways, so one method cannot guarantee success. Any trainer who guarantees or promises that the problem will be solved is someone who doesn’t know their own limits and will miss things or force approaches that will cause long-term problems. Any trainer that promises if the training doesn’t work you will get your money back or will train them for free doesn’t value their own time or skills. A professional dog trainer has certifications, training, memberships to respectable professional organizations and continues to expand their knowledge. The greatest compliment I can give is to recommend someone and I not only recommend Barbara, I have used her services and skills and will continue to do so in the future.

Jason Sweitzer , BS, RVT, DVM

When I called upon the services of Barbara Johnson, BJK9 dog trainer specialist, to work with our 2 month old littermate beagles, Bonnie and Clyde, I was introduced to the experience and knowledge of a professional in the canine adventure of learning. It was easy to see that Barbara Johnson was confident and knew exactly what she was doing. Her instant rapport and positive interaction with our beagles was remarkable and encouraged my wife and I to invest the time and effort to have Barbara work with us. Under her guidance and care, we were making sure our beagles were learning, felt safe, secure and happy in the process. It was a joint effort to nurture the human/canine connection. Thank you Barbara for teaching Bonnie, Clyde, my wife and I, the skills required to share well-mannered and well-behaved beagles with the world.

huskiesI have 2 Siberian Huskies and my youngest was having issues with excessive jumping as well as toy aggression. Barbara has not only helped my husky with his behavior, but she has also taught us and given us all the right tools to be successful dog parents. She has been patient, kind and taken the time to get to know my dogs as well as the family dynamic.

Barbara is extremely knowledgeable in training techniques and most importantly in dog behavior.

I will always without a doubt recommend her to any dog parent I know.
Thank you Barbara!

I don’t even remember where we found Barbara and BJK9s, but it was the single best decision we made as the parents of a new lab puppy. Barbara trained us so that we could train him, she took him on training outings, she brought over play buddies, she corrected some house manners that were less than desirable, and has overall been a great support system for anything that has come up. If you are frustrated about the best way to handle your dog, do yourself a favor and call Barbara — she’ll take care of it.


shilohThanks to Barbara Johnson of BJK9s extraordinary canine behavioral expertise, we have harmony at the Plant household!!! Barbara has helped shape Shiloh’s behavior with our cats. When Shiloh fi…rst arrived, she did not want to share me with the cats and would lunge and growl at them to chase them off my lap. Of course, that was unacceptable behavior, and so we called Barbara! Barbara’s techniques and unique perspective on canine behavior helped beyond measure! Her patience, her knowledge and her special recommendations (music and the “touch” technique were absolutely brilliant!!) helped us turn around Shiloh’s behavior in a very gentle and positive way. Look at this photo!!! This is harmony personified!! No more lunging, no more growling and a very, very happy family!!!


Thank you so much for helping me with my dogs, Abby and Roxie. I asked you to me to stop them from fighting with each other, but you did so much more! You taught me better training techniques and also how to relax. I thought Roxie was dog aggressive, but you showed me that it really a lack of socialization. It was so amazing when we took her to the dog park and she didn’t have a single problem! We have since taken both dogs to the dog park and we all had a great time! Thanks again.

—-Darlene Bartlett

glennWithin about two weeks of rescuing a poodle and poodle-bichon mix late this past summer, it became apparent that we needed help in figuring out how to keep the peace between the two. With just the right mix of insight, knowledge and patience, Barbara Johnson provided that help. While others had suggested techniques that bordered on brutality, Barbara counseled that the answer did not lie in instilling fear in the more aggressive of the two dogs, but rather in learning what was causing the behavior and then finding ways to change those factors. The turnaround has been remarkable. Initially, we didn’t really understand what the term “behavior specialist” meant in regards to dog training; now we most definitely do, and can’t recommend Barbara or her methodology strongly enough.

All that said, Barbara is much more than “just” a dog trainer—although she’s an extraordinary one at that. She is also a canine problem-solver. We were struggling mightily to keep our adventure-loving, escape-prone pooches (appropriately named Bonnie and Clyde) in our fenced and supposedly secure hillside yard, but were at our wit’s end after they’d made countless “visits” to our various neighbors. When the dogs finally found yet another new and ingenious way into not just a neighbor’s yard but into the sometimes busy street we live on—nearly getting run over in the process—we realized that patching holes in the fence wasn’t enough. Barbara talked us through every solution strategy imaginable, helping us weigh the pros and cons of each, and we finally settled on a dog run. Most trainers—if they even got involved in the problem at all—might have just left it at that, but Barbara actually designed, helped shop for and even assisted in the installation of what was to become Bonnie and Clyde’s new outdoor home.

So many people do the work they do simply because they have to in order to make a living. Barbara does the work she does because she loves doing it—and does so amazingly well. If there were ever a person born to work with dogs and their families, Barbara Johnson is that person. In case you can’t tell, we think she is absolutely the best!

—-The Kammen Family (Glenn, Elizabeth, Alexandra, Bonnie and Clyde)

milo_denali2Our 2 ½-year old American Eskimos, Milo & Denali have been trained by Barbara since they were about 3 months old. Their very first puppy class was quite an adventure as Denali refused to come out from under the chair and Milo would pee everywhere. Eventually, it took Barbara’s gentle coaxing, patience, and positive training methods for them to become the well-behaved dogs that we always dreamed of. We believe it was the trust that Barbara was able to instill in them and the proper “training” for us as dog-owners that enabled us to have obedient dogs. We would highly recommend Barbara as a dog trainer. As for Denali, he’s no longer the super shy puppy he once was and Milo has learned to stop peeing everywhere no matter how happy and excited he is. Thanks for everything Barbara!!

–Dan, Amy, Milo and Denali

milo_denali1  milo_denali3

ziggy_1Barbara is a dog’s (and dog owner’s) best friend! Ziggy, our 3-year-old Australian Shepard began with Barbara’s puppy class, then graduated to her intermediate class. We enjoyed it so much we repeated the class just for fun.

Barbara combines fun and discipline with lots of love to make every class an enjoyable, learning experience for both our dog and us. Ziggy has learned all the basics, from sit/stay to off-leash obedience. On top of that, he can bow, crawl, roll over, and high five! Barbara’s classes were also great for socializing Ziggy around other dogs. Barbara always remains calm and in control, and helped us overcome some stressful situations with other dogs.

Who needs the Dog Whisperer when you’ve got Barbara!

–Doug & Louise Benedon (and Ziggy)

rocco_1From a very young age, I knew that I had to take my humans in for training. All of my buddies told me that I would have a happier home life and build a stronger bond with my humans if they went to obedience school. I wanted nothing but the best for my humans, so we began puppy kindergarten with Miss Barbara. Before you knew it, she taught my humans how to communicate with me on my level.

Once we graduated kindergarten together, we moved onto intermediate and then advanced classes. Miss Barbara taught my humans how to communicate and work with me so well that I decided to get a job. I am now a certified therapy dog with a CGC (Canine good citizen) who visits Children’s hospital of Los Angeles. Miss Barbara taught me and my human all of the skills and good manners that we needed to become a therapy team.

rocco_2You know, they say bulldogs are hard to train because we can be stubborn, but I was more worried about my humans. Now we have a strong bond and an understanding with each other. Miss Barbara has taught my humans how to lovingly lead me and guide me. At the dog park, I tell all of my friends about the loving woman named Miss Barbara who can speak dog. I tell them that, not only can she speak dog, but she can teach your humans the language as well!!


–Rocco the Bull

Miss Barbara is the most amazing trainer. My dogs love, adore, and respect her. I can’t say enough about her. She understands dogs and how they relate to us so well. Under Barbara’s training and guidance, both of my dogs have successfully completed the CGC test and have become certified therapy dogs. I am forever grateful to Barbara for training me and my dogs.

–Amy Ortiz

Chloe (a female tri-color) and her pal Gatsby, ( a male Blenium)… will both be turning 1 year of age next month. We waited one year to obtain these two and they are now our kids. We spoil them; buy them much more than they need: have installed puppy sitters when we travel: have a permanent puppy nurse to look after their health and have asked “The Dog Whisperer” to take a look at them! As you can tell we love our puppies!!!!!

I met Barbara Johnson about 15 months ago. I have not had a dog in 17 years.

What an education in 15 minutes. I learned more from this lady in 15 minutes than I ever did from the snooty breeders and trainers my wife and I ran into while searching for the perfect breed. The first person that we showed Chloe and Gatsby to was Barbara. They were 3 months old. They loved her immediately and we saw the perfect trainer in Barbara. Together Barbara and I picked out their kennel to their food and toys.

I never do anything with these puppys that I don’t first contact Barbara by phone or in person to discuss their natural food diet and the toys they chew up. She just shakes her head in disbelief on the way we spoil these two. She is always there for us; she is always up-to-date with her training techniques; she is incredibly skillfull, professional, and loving to my dogs. They have had puppy training and will go with Barbara to Oak Park for their intermediate classes. Then will continue training far into the future with Barbara.

She is sometimes very stern with me on their upbringing, but I am a senior citizern so usually cannot remember her scoldings. I feel very fortunate in finding someone like Barbara Johnson – a wonderful trainer, animal lover, and now a good friend.


–Neal W. Raffler

Profoundly, Barbara’s heart is in her work. This is of immediate note when she meets you and your dog. She has a delightful pull towards her students of teaching dog behavior and thirsting for everyone to learn more. Barbara’s enthusiasm for ALL that is canine, embraces her interactions, while at the same time disguising it behind good solid owner-pet education . Her zest is contagious and she truely creates a wonder for learning. We have seen her grow and learn over the last five years. Every student is a pearl of wisdom for her to absorb and pass on to her newest students. Taking on the challenges of why, where, when, Barbara untangles the training answers with you. Many of our hospital patients have benefited from Barbara’s training in so many ways . Also, we are so proud of her own efforts increasing her formal education in dog behavior training. She has immersed herself and is making a difference to all that meet her. She exudes such a love for the understanding of dog behavior and then partners her students in discovering it for themselves. It’s been an amazing process to have learned with her and now from her. Thank you Barbara .

–Michael D. Baer D.V.M. and Terrie Von Arista

beau_1As a Behaviorist for children with special needs, I never imagined I would have any problems with training my Beau. Little did I know! Beau was only eleven weeks old when we first met Miss Barbara. Being a St. Bernard, however, he was already the tallest in his class. Beau had been a rescue who came home with me when he was only eight weeks old, and it was love at first sight.

beau_2Beau began training with Miss Barbara in her Beginning Puppy class and completed both her Intermediate and Advanced courses, at the head of his class. He proudly wore his cap and gown and we celebrated in great style! Miss Barbara did a fabulous job, not only with Beau but with where the real problem laid, me! She taught me how to communicate with Beau in a way which, he could hear.

beau_3Thanks to Barbara, Beau and I enjoy a magical relationship. He is the center of my life and if it weren’t for Barbara, my life would have been nothing but chaos! Completely humble, unassuming, positive and good natured, one would never guess what a Godsend Barbara Johnson is, has been, and continues to be to so many.

With Appreciation and Love,

–Sharmila and Beau Iyengar

(Beau continually asks: “When do we get to see Miss Barbara again, Mama?”)

sadieMy daughter, Ashley, and I have four adopted dogs … Sadie (an English Mastiff), Kiba (a German Shepherd) and Cinnamon & Cracker (sibling Long Haired Chihuahua/Spaniel mixes). Sadie is our most recent adoption, at 8 months of age. We brought her home that first day, having had no knowledge that she carried the world’s anxiety on her shoulders. It was heartbreaking. She was petrified to go on walks, and refused to even walk out our front door … forget getting her into our car. Sadie wouldn’t get any closer than 8 feet, to anybody but us … and Barbara. Sadie has a heart full of love and not an ounce of aggression in that now 125 pound, 18 month old beautiful body of hers. She became Kiba’s best friend, loved our little ones and literally crawled into our hearts with her heart and soul.

With the concern, sensitivity and caring that Barbara has to give, she came into Sadie’s life, and began slowly and lovingly showing her that the universe really wasn’t a frightening place, at all. Barbara’s patience and soft way told Sadie that all would be just fine, and that Sadie’s world really was a beautiful place to grow. My daughter and I took our first walk alone, with Sadie and Kiba … 3 miles … to Barbara’s house. Barbara happened to be out front, and couldn’t believe that Sadie wanted to walk so far, so comfortably. Barbara, Ashley and I had tears in our eyes, and Sadie knew she had gotten past her worst fear. Then came the car rides and allowing the people in her life to show her that they really weren’t going to hurt her. What an incredible feat !!!

Barbara also worked with Ashley and I, on taking control when walking Kiba. Kiba has been walking us, for 6 years, until Barbara’s knowledge and the Canny Collar both entered our home. After a few sessions with “Barbara”, we finally are walking him, and we’re all enjoying our walks so much more. Thank you, Barbara, for coming into our world, making our lives less stressful, as well as opening our animals’ lives (and ours) up to much more happiness. Sadie and Kiba both send paw-shakes and licks to their favorite “Auntie”! We love you !

–Marlene & Ashley Bracken
Kiba & Sadie

P.S. Cinnamon and Cracker are “next in line” for training . . .